CBS To Commission American Version Of Sherlock

I hope hate and anger is swarming through all of BBC Sherlock fans right now because this is the most disturbing piece of news I have yet to encounter. This is worse than “The Plastic Faces” (Keanu Reeves, John Cusack and Mark Wahlberg) acting. Worse than gimmicky 3D films such as Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. Even worse than anything that’s title ends in Movie, but does not begin with Scary. Much worse than… okay I’ll stop. But you get the drift.

CBS have announced that they plan to make a US contemporary Sherlock Holmes series, going by the title of Elementary - in which good ole Sherlock would live in New York. Well, already, that is not Sherlock Holmes. There are few things you cannot change about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpieces and a few of them are: Sherlock Holmes is English; Sherlock Holmes lives at Baker Street; Sherlock Holmes is English; and, did I mention that Sherlock Holmes is English? This American version will anger not only fans of the BBC series but also fans of the novels, or case-book studies,. They also want to cast an American unknown lead so are not even attempting to pacify fans of the British version. 

To be honest, CBS can do whatever they like, but why they would choose to go up against a multi-award winning, much loved and incredibly unique show is beyond me. If they want an American Sherlock Holmes why not create their own unique detective? To be quite frank no-one will be able to live up to Benedict Cumberbatch. I say let’s revel in his glory rather than try to beat it.

Okay, incredibly angry rant over. Time to leave your comments. Agree or disagree with me? Let us know.

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