Die Hard 5 Casts A Bad Guy And Girl

Die Hard Villians

Tomorrow sees Bruce back on the big screen in The Cold Light of Day, playing a role not that dissimilar to the one of John McCalane and we’ll be first in line for that as opposed to a re-watch of a ship sinking. 

News comes this morning that as shooting is soon to commence on the A Good Day To Die Hard set the film is in need of some adversaries for Bruce and his newly cast son Jai Courtney.  As for the plot (and we’re not even making it up) it will see John venture to Moscow to aid his son as he’s wound up in some tangled web with a group of terrorists, it includes prison escapes and the father son duo (who we are willing to bet our screen on, will see the two not get along to kick off with) have to bring down this organisation before they cause havoc. 

Variety is reporting that both Yulia Snigir and Sebastian Koch are set to play characters by the name of Irina and Komorov respectively and we’re pretty sure that neither will be a long lost brother of or a distant cousin from the Gruber clan.  Koch, who was born in Germany and has had a long career in German cinema, he is likely to best be known for his role in the Oscar winning The Lives of Others. Snigir, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer, as she only started acting in 2006 – so kudos to her for landing a role in one of the biggest action franchises ever.

The fifth (but according to Bruce not final) outing is set for release on February 14th 2013, with John Moore directing. If only it could come sooner! 


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