First Django Unchained Poster Unleashed

You know you’ve got it good when you can release a poster for your new film and not even have the title on it but instead your name, and people will immediately know what film it is. That’s the luxury Quentin Tarantino has earned and it shows in the first poster for Django Unchained (at least, we presume that’s what it is for…)

The minimalist look is really working here and the film is explained perfectly within those six little words. To be quite frank it just looks really… cool. The only criticism I would claim to have (because Tarantino cares deeply about my opinion you see) is that the poster would look stronger if just one figure was under the broken chain. Don’t worry Tarantino, we all make mistakes.

For all those who have forgotten i.e. none, Django Unchained follows Jamie Foxx in the titular role as a former slave turned bounty hunter who goes on a mission to find his wife (Kerry Washington) in order to save her from nasty Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). Who can’t wait? Me.

Although the poster promises Christmas, it is indeed a naughty lying poster, as in the UK we don’t get Django until January 18th. No Christmas for us Brits this year then.

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