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The other week you may have come across our report highlighting the first look at upcoming sci-fi thriller Looper which showed Joseph Gordon-Levitt with the exceptional John McClane-like jawline of Bruce Willis who was also spotted as well. Now for those that were screaming, ‘dammit, more!’ well you’re in luck as a brand new poster for the film has arrived online showing both aforementioned actors at opposite ends of one another.

Directed by Brick director, Rian Johnson the film is set in a not too distant future where time travel has become possible but made illegal because of the hefty ramifications that can come from it. Nevertheless, high-level criminals are using the technology anyway as a means of planned kills by sending targets back in time and having hitmen or ‘loopers’ waiting at the other end to do them in and erase them from history. Now Levitt seen above is the best there is but even he is going to have a job on his hands when his next contract brings back his future self to rub out, leaving our leading lad having no choice but to take the hint he should maybe start find a new circle of futuristic friends.

The poster is the first in a promo effort this week with news that the trailer for the film will finally making its arrival on Thursday. So be sure to keep ‘em peeled on here for when we whack it up.

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