Meet Hamish, Hubert And Harris In New Brave Video

Brave Triplets

When Disney/Pixar first announced that their next pixelated colourful adventure was to be set in the Scottish Highlands and medieval times a fair few eyebrows were raised and some people began to doubt the mighty studio, but everything that we’ve seen of Brave thus far looks well, triumphant. 

Recently we posted a glorious set of posters for the film and the latest bit of marketing to leak online introduces a few more characters, namely the brothers three, ginger haired triplets called Hamish, Hubert and Harris who look to be more than a handful for their elder sis, Merida. 

The clip is entitled ‘Family Portrait’ and sees the family tree of this Scottish fairytale drawn out for us with very funny and cute consequences, Brave strikes into cinemas in June 22nd. 

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