New Bond Girl For Skyfall And Craig Will Keep Going…


Six different men have played the iconic spy and Craig is the one who over the years has arguably reset the clock and reinvented the franchise the most, though I hate to admit it (as he’s personally my least favourite) he does suit the role. 

Sam Mendes is behind the camera for this outing and the latest casting announcement didn’t come via a shiny press release, but rather from an excited ladies Facebook page. She’s a Greek actress who, according to MI6-HQ, is set to play Bond’s girlfriend in the new film.

Prepare for a bit of a spoiler next…

The woman set to seduce Bond at the start of Skyfall is stunning and called Tonia Sotiropoulou and she has revealed what’s apparently the opening scene of the new film. Skyfall opens, apparently, in Istanbul, where Bond is smuggled, as he’s assumed to be dead. There’s a similarity to You Only Live Twice in the way that the movie is supposed to open.

Not only this but below thanks to the BBC we’ve unearthed an on-set video shot from behind the scenes of Skyfall recently. The film is supposed to be entering cinemas later this autumn but as it’s still filming and a trailer, nor a teaser trailer has emerged yet, we’re not holding our breath. 

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