Awesome New Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man Hits!

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Hot off the presses and just launched live on Apple, the latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has flown in and it’s surely one that you will want to sit back and watch the monitor a few times for, to ensure that you catch every bit of new footage.

Everything we’ve seen from the upcoming reboot (trailer 1, trailer 2 ) so far has filled us with confidence and we’ve still yet to have any issues with Andrew Garfield taking over the web slinging from Tobey Maguire. Yesterday we got a first glimpse of some images of the new bad guy, The Lizard and guess what they were taken from the trailer you’re about to see. 

Check out the latest trailer below:

Director Marc Webb and Sony recently invited a group of US journalists to view the trailer in the 3D that it was intended for and Coming Soon have got an interesting interview about the 3D, effects and his intentions behind making the film, you can read it in full here. 

Take a breath, watch it again, in a week that has seen the new trailers for both The Dark Knight Rises and the incredible looking Prometheus, did it just get even better? Avengers Assemble hits cinemas across the pond in the US as of midnight, so now and this trailer is attached to the release, but could The Amazing Spider-Man be set to be the best super hero film of 2012 come it’s release July 4th.. it’s only two months away! 

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